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Here at Universal Stair Glass and Iron, we know that many property owners are curious about our company as well as the services that we offer. Because of this, we have decided to collect the questions that we often receive from our customers — along with their respective answers — into a single page. If you need more info about our iron stair installation services or other solutions in Frisco, TX, take the time to explore our FAQ page!

What’s your length of experience?
We started our company in 2019, but we’re definitely not a newcomer to the stair installation and repair business. We actually have 30 years of experience in this industry so, if you want to hire a seasoned stair contractor, you won’t go wrong with calling us.

I can’t decide between glass and metal stairs. Which one should I choose?
Choosing between these materials can be tricky since there are several factors that must be considered. One of these is the look and feel that you want to have in your home. For instance, if you’d like to have ornate stair railings that feature elegant fleur-de-lis and other intricate design elements, iron staircases are the ideal option for you. If your home has limited space, on the other hand, you should consider installing glass stairs. Since they’re transparent and don’t obstruct visibility, they can help you create an illusion of space in your house and make it look and feel bigger.

Do you work on commercial properties?
Yes, we do! Our company is known for our residential stair installation and repair services, but we don’t stop there since we also assist landlords and property owners. If you need commercial stair repair or installation services, make sure to contact us.

Why should I choose you over the competition?
We always use high-quality materials in every stair installation project that we handle. So, when you hire our team, you will have the assurance that your brand-new stairs will be made of world-class materials and that they will sturdy and durable. Our repair and installation services are offered at fair and reasonable rates, which means that you can have your new metal or glass stairs installed or have your existing staircases repaired without breaking the bank.

Will you give me a free estimate?
Yes, we will! All of our customers receive a free estimate from us before their project begins. To get your free estimate, simply get in touch with us today.

When can you work on my project?
Our team is available to work on your project from Mondays to Fridays during standard business hours. We are closed on weekends to give our crew members enough time to rest.

What mode of payment does your company accept?
Currently, our company accepts cash and checks as payment.

We hope that you’ve found this page to be helpful and highly informative! We tried to include all of the questions that we frequently get from property owners but, if you still have some unanswered questions, don’t worry since you can always reach out to our team! Just dial (972) 460-5253 and one of our employees will take your call and provide the info that you need. Give us a ring today to learn more about Universal Stair Glass and Iron as well as the stair repair and installation services that we offer in Frisco, TX!

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