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Hire a Stair Contractor That Can Help You with Installing Glass Stairs

Investing in glass stairs is one of the best things that you can do for your home. However, installing them can be quite tricky, which is why you should hire a professional stair contractor like Universal Stair Glass and Iron. Our team is based in Frisco, TX, and one of our specialties is glass stairs installation. Call us today and book your appointment!

The Benefits of Having Glass Stairs
Many homeowners hesitate to install glass stairs because they appear to be fragile. But, if you use the right materials and hire the right people, you can actually have durable glass stairs that are hard-wearing and long-lasting! With proper installation and care, your glass stairs will stand up to plenty of wear and tear and stay in excellent condition for a long time.

Aside from their durability, another good thing about glass stairs is that they don’t obstruct visibility. Since they’re transparent, they can help you have an uninterrupted line of sight and create an illusion of space in your home. This can be greatly helpful especially if your home is on the small side and you want to make it look and feel bigger.

Our Commitment to Quality
Here at Universal Stair Glass and Iron, we help our customers design glass stairs that are structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. We’ll make sure that your new stairs complement your interior design and that they will add to the beauty of your property.

We source first-rate glass and other materials from dependable suppliers that are known for their excellent product quality, and we inspect our materials before we begin the installation process to ensure that everything meets our standards. By taking these steps, we can provide our customers with world-class glass stairs and give them excellent value for money.

Get in Touch with Our Team
Universal Stair Glass and Iron is the right stair contractor to hire if you need assistance with installing glass stairs. Give us a call now at (972) 460-5253 and use our glass stairs installation services in Frisco, TX!

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